How Sturta works — Pro

Why Choose Sturta. Join us as a Pro and…

1) Increase your customer growth

Customers come to Sturta to find pros like you. Customers see search results in real-time with profiles, prices, ratings and more. They can then filter the results to find the pros who are a good match for their specific job. When a customer thinks you might be a good fit for a job, they’ll reach out. This could be a message, call or booking. We call this a lead. And it’s a big deal. The customer found you, provided job details and wants to hear what you have to offer. You only have to respond quickly and get hired. 2) Do your Business Sell Time? Sturta is created to handle that

All your services are instantly bookable by customers on Sturta or on your free online booking website or through booking links. Since your free online booking site works on all devices, you’ll never miss a booking. Your online booking site is built for you out of the box. All your services and employees are automatically added. Customers can only book during the times you set. Time from your personal calendar is automatically blocked off. Your personal, digital receptionist. Allow customers to book appointments anytime, day or night. You have the option to charge a no-show fee or even require full prepayment when customers book. Already have a website? You can add a booking widget or booking button to integrate booking. Place booking links on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms to expand your reach. Save time by letting customers reschedule or cancel appointments on their own. 3) Treat your existing customers like a pro

Easily view appointment history, personal details, notes, and purchase history so you’re always prepared. Check out appointments directly from your calendar, No need to juggle between multiple products. Everything you need to finish the transaction is built right into your calendar. You can add additional retail items to the appointment, and your customer has tipping options. View reports and employee & schedules across multiple locations Track every sale, and get the insights you need in one place. Was this article helpful please leave a comment below.

Launching Sturta — a Marketplace for Local Services across Africa

Local professionals and business solutions in Africa have been set aside in the internet revolution mainly causing a-lot of SMEs shutting down or creating a lower threshold in terms of growth due to lack of affordable and ready-available tools to help improve their business operations and online presence.

On-the other-hand Fraud has been a major concern on most online marketplaces in Africa making it very difficult for local professionals to expand their reach due to the lack of trust from potential customers.

That’s what we set out to bridge early October, Our main mission has been to build readily available tools for local professionals and businesses to enable and boost them to grow, process transactions, retain their customers, increase their online reach, and sell their service online via booking links, social media or through an online portal correspondingly creating a trusted marketplace where users can find & book vetted local services. Making it safer than before to hire local professionals in Africa.

We started this October, Went through a cohort, Organised surveys, Launched a closed and public minimum viable product (MVP) And received tremendous feedback from our testers. We’ve taken heed of your suggestions and feedback and taken on the challenge to fix this, we know it’s not easy but we are taking one step at a time to provide a very robust and reliable solution and we are excited and happy to announce the release of our first complete service or full-proof working product of Sturta in late January 2019.

We can’t wait or imagine what you would do with our service and what impact it will make on your business. If you are excited join us now… 😀